4 a better world

Through the services offered at the center, young people from underprivileged backgrounds can have hope for a better future through the networks they create and through the building their skills and capacities to set up sustainable livelihoods and live transformed lives.


and Resource Center

The Dr Anena Foundation Foundation has a small library space and reading room where young people can come and read at the center but also borrow books for use at home either to help them with homework or books for personal reading.


and Reproductive Health Services

Most importantly the young people at the center are encouraged to abstain and keep themselves safe from all situations that create vulnerability and risk. They are encouraged to speak to a trusted adult either at the center or in their home environment so they get the necessary protection and support that they need.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome everyone regardless of Race, sex or nationality as long as he/she adheres to our principles. Join us and change a life.

Our Mission

To nurture and empower young people to become leaders with integrity, and entrepreneurship skills

Our Vision

To provide a safe space where young people can find friendship, information, social support, and acquire lifelong skills for a better future

Welcome to DAYF- Uganda

The Dr. Anena Youth Foundation (DAYF) established formally in 2019, is a registered non-profit Organization founded by Dr Anena Catherine Pauline, a university lecturer, development consultant and gender activist passionate about education of young people from poor backgrounds. Coming from a poor background herself, Dr Anena braved a host of hurdles in her academic journey to become a PhD holder, University don and international consultant. She has won several prestigious academic grants including the American Fulbright African Scholar Fellowship and CAPREX fellowship with University of Cambridge UK.


Our Services

Education Support Services

Poverty and education are inextricably linked, because people living in poverty may stop going to school so they can work

Vocational skills training

The Dr. Anena Foundation believes that educating young people to be job creators and not job seekers, is a great way to solve global and specifically Ugandan problems of unemployment.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

There are more young people today, and HIV/AIDS has affected more than half of the world's population that is under the age of 25 years.

We would love to help all the children that have problems in Uganda. After 5 years we hope to have many goals achieved.

Through the activities of the center, the young people are encouraged to engage in projects and activities that will promote the good of the community and particularly support vulnerable members of the community like the elderly, people with disabilities, child headed families,

Children helped

Communities Helped