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The Dr. Anena Youth Foundation established formally in 2019, is a registered non-profit Organization founded by Dr Anena Catherine Pauline, a university lecturer, development consultant and gender activist passionate about education of young people from poor backgrounds.

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About Us.

The Dr. Anena Foundation, was started to fulfill a lifelong passion to empower young people and provide them with a safe space to learn various skills, interact with others, and grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially.The foundation aims at providing young people with opportunities to identify and boost their potential and talents in a fun and safe environment.

Through the services offered at the center, young people from underprivileged backgrounds can have hope for a better future through the networks they create and through the building their skills and capacities to set up sustainable livelihoods and live transformed lives.

Contact Numbers:

Phone: +256 (772) 654 588
Mobile: +256 (772) 654 588
Fax: +256 (772) 654 588




Gayaza Road,
Gayaza, Wakiso

Gayaza Road
Gayaza Town, Wakiso, Uganda